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Global Elite Events is an event consulting firm specializing in the financial, operational and experiential success of events of all sizes at every stage of the event lifecycle.  



Global Elite Events is an event consulting firm specializing in the successful financial, operational, and experiential  management and strategy of events of every size from start to finish.  The founding principal here at Global Elite Events is once you gain a firm hold and understanding of an events finances, operations, and the impact these decisions will have on the event you can produce a world class event that meets the attendee's expectations while hitting key financial goals. Its Founder & CEO, Genevieve Prifte, is a Global Event Strategist with over 14 years of B2B event experience.  She has a proven track record of establishing both event and department strategies and standard operation procedures leading to financial and experiential control of every event... guaranteeing a successful event for attendees, sponsors, vendors, and the event producers.


Have an idea for an event but don’t know the next steps?  We do and we can help you actualize your concept and strategize for future events and financial success.  Perhaps you already have a successful event portfolio, but your event department is struggling causing missed deadlines and unnecessary financial strain.  We can help you create standard operating procedures for every department of your event division, along with timelines, templates, and processes to ensure your events are executed at 100% efficiency when it comes to the experiential and financial aspects of your event, resulting in total success.  We do so by fully immersing ourselves into your company culture so that we have a full understanding of the needs of the entire organization.

We are also available to help execute marketing, sales, and/or operations when it comes to the events if you are short on staff.  Our experienced professionals are well versed in the event action items of the pre-planning, onsite, or post event needs.

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  • Assist with developing your event concept into actualization by providing assessment of event viability, along with key deadlines with coordinating action items to ensure a successful launch

  • Create event strategy side by side with your team

  • Collaborate with your established team to develop timelines, processes, and templates

  • Contract negotiation on your behalf with venues and vendors to ensure the best contracts and partnerships

  • Sponsorship development to increase revenue


  • Event Marketing execution pre-event, onsite, & post-event

  • Event Operation execution pre-event, onsite, & post-event

  • Assessment of branding plan to ensure onsite maximization

  • Review current contract and commitment to identify waste and overspending

  • Help recruit for new event team being established in coordination with the created event & department strategy


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